Ready To Wear

All of our pieces in the "Little Shop of Fashion" are part of our Ready to Wear Collections.  Any pieces purchased will be constructed using specific measurements provided to us by you.  For local clients, feel free to come to my office to see some of the sample garments, fabric swatches and much more.   

Any edits to chosen looks (i.e. adding or removing sleeves, shortening sleeves or hems, or any other edits to the design) are subject to additional fees.  


Couture Designs are one-of-a-kind pieces that are always a joy to do.  Creativity is limitless in couture with color, volume, and textile manipulations.  The sky is the limit and I LOVE to hear from clients that want something special.  

All couture garments are one of a kind-- designed and made especially for you.  

The cost is inclusive, but not limited to, design, production, all fittings, textiles and delivery.

Book a consultation today to start on your journey to your couture dream garment!  

Fissure Charcaol Coat -3.jpg

Collection Development

Designers the world over need help sometimes.  That's where I come in.  I am an expert in the development of collections and getting all the proper necessary things together in order to get those collections into production.   

If you are a designer that needs an extra helping hand in pattern making, collection development or technical files, then book a consultation now.